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River of Lakes Story

The Native Americans of the area, the Timucua, referred to the St. Johns River as the “Welaka”, which meant “River of Lakes”…

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Touring the Corridor

The St. Johns River is the spine of the corridor; the ROLHC derives its name from the River. But there is not a road that winds along the river’s edge…

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Photo & Video Gallery

Regional highlights are brought to life in visual format here with videos and photos featuring local culture, nature and artists…

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Navigating the Corridor

The River of Lakes Heritage Corridor is a Florida Scenic Byway which connects travelers to the numerous cities, towns, historic and cultural sites.  The River of Lakes Heritage Corridor embodies a unique blend of contemporary culture, rich historic preservation, and natural Florida. The charm of this region has developed in the past couple decades, and now features four-star restaurants and regal art galleries  alongside good old barbeque and historic architecture. You’re also never far away from nature along this byway, and locals have their bikes and kayaks at the ready.

Click the map image to enlarge a view of the overall byway or click the link below for a google map. You can also find distances from major cities and airports, and tourism contacts in the Map & Directions tab in the main navigation.

Google Map

Explore the world-class parks & trails of Volusia County! Find charming historic towns, stunning springs where you can visit the manatees, and beautiful views of the St. Johns River. There is a place to hike, bike, and paddle to suit every traveler’s interests.

This free app is a great tool for the River of Lakes Heritage Corridor traveler!

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