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Ask a Local


Growing up in Orange City

by Bill Crippen

When I was a boy, I was always amazed when the orange trees bloomed in the springtime…the smell of those sweet blossoms were everywhere, and the anticipation of the juicy fruit that was to come made me impatient for the ripening and harvesting of the citrus trees…

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Among my Tribe in Sanford

by Cherie Dacko

Stroll the sidewalks any time during the day or night in historic downtown Sanford, Florida, and you are likely to cross paths with a nationally known artist. Filmmakers, sculptors, musicians, photographers, folk artists, writers and painters are all drawn to this waterfront community for its live-and-let-live vibe…

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Lost in War and Time

by Larry French

The headlands and tributaries of the River of Lakes Heritage Corridor are stuffed with historical treasures just waiting rediscovery. Over time, the overall appearance of the landscape has changed as forests have matured, been removed, or begun anew…

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Discover Deland’s Culture

by Judy Thompson

Have you ever fallen in love with a place? If not, I suggest you “Discover DeLand” and you will. It happened to me. I came to Central Florida in pursuit of my dream to ride dressage. Luckily that dream landed me in the award winning…

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Enterprise, Florida – Central Florida’s Birthplace

by Kevin Finn

Enterprise, located on the North shore of Lake Monroe, enjoys a wonderful, rich history. Anthropologists say that Native Americans thrived in this area 6000 years ago. Ancient shell middens located here have been studied and show…

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Birding at Lake Woodruff Wildlife Refuge & the St. Johns River

by Arnette Sherman

I have always enjoyed nature and especially birds. Moving to Florida from Illinois made it possible to enjoy birding year round. The variety of species found here is amazing. One of the first places I discovered to go walking and birding…

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dawn medley

The Energy that is Cassadaga

by Dawn Medley

My first visit to Cassadaga was in 2002. Although I was a long time resident of Volusia county, I had never actually been to the community. I had heard all the stories the local youths like to tell using words like “spells”, and “haunted”…

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