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The Energy that is Cassadaga

by Dawn Medley

Dawn Medley


Dawn Medley has been a Volusia County resident since 1983. Dawn first came to Volusia County as a photography student studying at The Southeastern Center for Photographic Studies. Although she is a part time Real Estate agent, and currently working at a cancer center helping those in need, Dawn has never lost her love of photography. She still enjoys traveling the state and photographing Florida’s lesser known attractions.

My first visit to Cassadaga was in 2002. Although I was a long time resident of Volusia county, I had never actually been to the community. I had heard all the stories the local youths like to tell using words like “spells”, and “haunted.” But nothing could be further from the truth.  As is the case with many of us, I found myself looking for answers. The belief system I had been raised on left more questions than answers. After attending many classes and seminars on World religion and Spirituality I decided to visit Cassadaga. The first thing I noticed about this quaint little town was the feeling of peace and tranquility as I walked through the streets. The Victorian era buildings, and narrow streets brings to mind a small New England fishing village. The sound of wind chimes can be heard anywhere in the community.  And did I mentioned the feeling of peace and tranquility that blankets you?

I found that there were many classes, workshops and activities available for the public to attend. As I attended the various activities I found that the questions I had where being answered. I found that the answers made sense. I found that Cassadaga is a place that encourages you to ask questions, and not just accept information because it’s what you’ve been told. And I found that science is often in agreement with much of the information shared in Cassadaga.

The bookstore and welcome center has a vast array of information, so I recommend starting there. But if not, just a walk through the streets will fill you with an undeniable energy that is Cassadaga.

Dawn Medley
Orange City, FL

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