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About Friends of the ROLHC

The Friends of the ROLHC is a community-based group formed to promote awareness and appreciation of the River of Lakes Heritage Corridor and to preserve, promote, and protect the corridor as a regional resource.

The primary function of the ROLHC CME (Corridor Management Entity – the FDOT term for this organization) is to provide community-based action and advocacy in conformance with its mission.

Participation in this organization is open to all members of the public, including residents of the corridor, teachers, students, government employees, and members of the community at large who are interested in protecting and improving the ROLHC , its surrounding lands, communities, natural resources, parks and open spaces along the River of Lakes Heritage Corridor.

Help preserve the corridor and maintain our natural and historical heritage.

Get Involved

Tax-deductible sponsorship fees are used to preserve the corridor, so see the Our Sponsors Link to learn how how to donate to the cause. If you want to be involved in a hands-on way, the ROLHC will always welcome new members. Anyone is eligible to join the group – Don’t let the title “ROLHC CME” daunt you! We are a group of people who love our regional identity, and work to preserve it and promote it to the rest of the world, so they can appreciate the wonders we see every day!

It is free to become a member, just check our calendar for meetings, send us a message on Facebook, or use the contact us form on this site to find out when the next group meeting is. We can use all the help we can get spreading the word about our wonderful corridor.

For sponsors and partners  of the corridor Click Here