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Get Involved

Tax-deductible sponsorship fees are used to preserve the corridor, so see the Our Sponsors Link to learn how how to donate to the cause. If you want to be involved in a hands-on way, the ROLHC will always welcome new members. Anyone is eligible to join the group – Don’t let the title “ROLHC CME” daunt you! We are a group of people who love our regional identity, and work to preserve it and promote it to the rest of the world, so they can appreciate the wonders we see every day!

Download our membership form, check our calendar for meetings, send us a message on Facebook, or use the contact us form on this site to find out when the next group meeting is. We can use all the help we can get spreading the word about our wonderful corridor.

Our Accomplishments

  1. Our youtube account with our new 30 minute video —
  2. Our new website
  3. Our first brochure
  4. Our second brochure
  5. We have a HD TV/ Looping Video machine and our 30 minute video playing in the food court at the Daytona Beach Airport.
  6. We have our 30 minute video playing in the Amtrack Station in Sanford.
  7. We have an HDTV/Looping Video machine installed at the Pioneer Settlement, playing our video
  8. We are a member of Visit Florida with our brochure in all 5 Welcome Centers.
  9. We have a membership in an Orlando brochure rack company, which places our brochures in the hotel lobby of over 30 hotels in the Orlando area.
  10. Interpretative Panel at the Park and Ride – Gemini Springs
  11. Interpretative Panel in Chess Park in DeLand
  12. Working on Sponsor form to obtain funding to get interpretative panels in various parts of our corridor.

For sponsors and partners  along the corridorClick Here